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Mental Health

Mental Health services offered in Carrollton , TX

If you’re limited by anxious thoughts or feelings of hopelessness and guilt, it’s time to schedule a mental health evaluation at St. Mary’s Family Clinic. Remi Thomas, FNP, specializes in mental health evaluations and treatments, including attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) for children and adults. In addition to a comprehensive exam, you receive a personalized treatment plan to ease your symptoms and improve your overall mental health. Call the office in Carrollton, Texas, to schedule a mental health evaluation for you or your child, or book an in-person or virtual appointment online today. 

Mental Health Q&A

What is mental health?

Mental health affects how you feel, think, and act and encompasses your emotional, social, and psychological well-being.

There are a variety of things that influence your mental health, including your:

  • Genetics
  • Family history or dynamics
  • Brain chemistry
  • Life experiences

In some cases, mental health issues can be severe enough to affect your quality of life and ability to care for yourself.

What are the available mental health services?

St. Mary’s Family Clinic offers comprehensive mental health evaluations to identify early warning signs of anxiety, depression, and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in adults and children. Services are also available to address sleep disorders like insomnia.

You should schedule a diagnostic evaluation for you or your child for persistent symptoms like:

  • Sadness
  • Hopelessness
  • Anxious feelings
  • Intrusive thoughts
  • Difficulties falling or staying asleep
  • Thoughts of self-harm or suicide 

Children who struggle to learn in school or control impulsive behaviors should have an ADHD screening.

St. Mary’s Family Clinic offers appointments in-office to discuss your needs. You can also meet with your provider virtually if you’re unable to travel to the office because of transportation or childcare issues or illness.

What happens during a mental health evaluation?

During your mental health evaluation at St. Mary’s Family Clinic, you can expect a comprehensive physical exam. You might also need lab work to determine if symptoms of a mental health issue are related to an underlying medical condition.

You also undergo a mental health evaluation and answer questions about how you feel mentally and emotionally.

St. Mary’s Family Clinic personalizes a treatment plan to your needs to relieve your symptoms and improve your quality of life.

How are mental health issues treated?

Your treatment plan for mental health issues may include:

  • Counseling
  • Lifestyle changes
  • Diet improvements
  • Medications

You may need ongoing counseling appointments to monitor how well treatment is working. St. Mary’s Family Clinic coordinates your care with any other providers you may see. The practice offers in-office or virtual follow-up visits to track changes in your mental health.

Children may also need additional supportive resources to help them succeed in school, at home, and in social situations.

A low-cost monthly subscription health plan is available for low-income families, those without insurance, or inadequate insurance for mental health services. It provides unlimited visits and an annual wellness exam with necessary lab work each year.

Schedule a mental health evaluation for you or your child online or call St. Mary’s Family Clinic today.